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Online dating has become one of the dating trends these days. Millions of people are signing up to get their accounts; they are putting up their profile to meet people online. Although this is the fastest way to search and to meet people, this method had lots of risks.

First of all, with online dating you have to put your e-mail address or other information like name, phone numbers, street addresses. This information is available for public viewing of course, through this people can contact you anytime they want. Be responsible for all your actions. Putting personal information online is risky therefore you may want to consider changing some information about yourself to be able to protect your real identity.

You should bear in mind that not all people who sign up for dating sites are serious, also not all of them has a good mental condition (crazy, I may say). Some were just tripping. And worst of all, some are really intends to lure people for their hidden agendas. This is not to scare you but it is the reality. Trusting someone you do not know is very risky, especially when it comes to your feelings and personal endeavors.

Dating sites can not screen their members and this is the fact that you have to be aware of. Almost anyone can sign up. That is why you should be very careful. Are you sure the person you are dealing with has no criminal records at all? You don’t want to be a victim of crimes do you?

However, there are also good people out there. All you have to do is of course to exercise safety. Your safety should always come first. Don’t give your personal phone numbers if you feel there is something wrong with the person you are dealing with. Stay away from people who are that desperate to meet you personally. Take time to know more about each other than wasting your time meeting up and eventually finding out that you are not compatible with each other or if someone is just lying.

Do not let yourself be obliged to meet up with someone; you always have your free will of course. The decision of whether to meet them or not always depends on you.

However if you have decided to meet a person that you have met online, you have to ensure you follow some safety measures. First of all, you should bring someone with you whenever possible. Ask your friend if they can accompany you to meet the person you met online. If they say yes, then that’s very good. Another thing, do not walk alone unprepared. You have to bring identifications, cellphones or sometimes some self defense kits just in case problems arise. Also do not eat food or drinks if you have some bad feeling about the person you are with. Sometimes people are victimized because of this strategy.  Avoid meeting up in places away from the city or in secluded areas. It is advised that you meet the person in a public area. Also, tell someone close to you, your friend perhaps about the place you are going and who you are going with, (complete information about the person you are meeting as much as possible) and the time you are expected to come back. Ask yourself who to contact in case of emergency.

Do not take online dating seriously if you are not sure of the person; do not rush into things to avoid future dismays. Online dating is fun; enjoy the benefits of getting to know people online.


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