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Nowadays, you can experience online dating without getting out of the house. Isn’t that great, you can meet someone without risking yourself to the dangers of the street especially at night.

Lots of people these days are signing up for dating services online.

There are free online dating sites and there are also dating sites that require subscription fees. It is so easy; you can search the database and find what you’re looking for by categorizing and you can also create your own profile so that others can contact you.
However you can never so sure if the person you are dealing with was really the person who you thought to be. That is why you have to be cautious. Cautious in a sense that you are not giving all your information specially your address or any account number to the person you really don’t know.

Before giving your information, example your phone number, try to chat first and see if there’s consistency in what he is saying or if he is not telling a lie, there are also situations where in online dating really makes people from the different sides of the world find their destiny.
The popularity of online dating these days’ post many advantages and disadvantages, some have used the online dating sites to gather information from different people. The abuse of online dating sites these days have made people to realize that you should be aware of who you are dealing with.

Below is a list of online dating tips:

1. Observe the person you are dealing with. If you feel that that person sounds so good to be true, then it is a lot better if you move away from that person. Don’t wait before something bad really happens to you before you take action.

2. Do not reveal your real identity in your profile. Do not put your address, your e-mail, your website, and other necessary information. You can use your nick name or your username, then the rest was up to you.

3. Ask for a picture, and if possible through web cam chats so that you are sure of what the person really looks like or if he/she is the one in the picture. Sometimes merely looking at the person would give you an instinct about the person

4. Talk to him on the phone. Actually talking on the phone could uncover so much about the person. You can test how well he communicates. Another thing, with phone numbers, you can trace if the person is really telling that he is in that area or a resident of this country.

5. Do not let anyone force you to meet up if you don’t feel that you are ready to do so.

6. Pay attention to the behavior of the person. Sometimes when a person was angry he/she is expressing it. If there is no valid reason at all why the person is angry over something then maybe that person has some mental or emotional disorder.

7. If you find the person not consistent with what he/she is saying then there must be something fishy with that person. Also, observe if the person does not want to talk to the phone. Sometimes there kids to pretend to be adults and of course their voice over the phone can not lie, unless they can alter the intensity of their voice.

8. If the person does not introduce you to the other members of his family, there must be something that person do not want you to know about themselves. Maybe the person is married or something.

9. Meet each other in a place where it is safe, safe because there are lots of people that you can easily call upon just in case of emergency. Also, inform a friend or family if you are leaving. Give the information of the person to your family member.

10. If you are planning to meet a person who is distant from your place, plan your trip very carefully.

11. Do not do anything that you’re not sure of doing of or you will regret for some time.


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