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Disadvantages of online dating

More and more people are hooked up with the idea of finding a partner online. Usually people who feel bored and lonely often turn to the internet to look for companion. Online dating is an exciting way to meet new friends and develop intimate relationships.

Here are some of the disadvantages of online dating

1.   Online dating site can be a sanctuary for liars. Why? Not all people put the correct information about them right? There are few true people but most of the time, there are liars. Giving wrong information about their age, marital status, gender, photo, nationality, almost everything can be lied about. The information about the person you are dealing with is limited and dependent on the information that they feed you.

The most common case when it comes to lying about the profile is the age. Most people lie about their age because they know that if they don’t they would probably not get any response at all.

2.   Although it is said that you save money because you don’t have to go on a date, this is sometimes untrue. If dating online fails, then you have to look for another one, so that’s a new beginning. Effort should again be considered in that.
The truth about online dating to be cost-effective is somewhat true but it should be more connected to the fact that with online dating, you are just not spending your money at an early stage because you are preparing them for future expenses with your date specially if the person is abroad.

3.   Online dating is often a long distance relationship, so for example, you’ve decided to marry a person from other country, and then you must make a decision whether who among you will give up their work or place to be together. It can be a tough decision but of course if you love each other, you can work things out.

4.   You sometimes spend so much time e-mailing people who will not respond to you. That’s what is not good about online dating, your expecting, and waiting, there’s no guarantee when they will respond, and above all, you are not sure whether that person really is the person you are dealing with.

Men and women who were asked in a survey about what turns them on or off in the profiles of online dating sites. Men are in search of woman with beautiful face, sexy body and a good smile while women are turned on with man who has a good sense of humor. Both genders are turned off with people with bad attitude and of course wrong grammar.

Online dating is like a game, just like the usual dating, sometimes you win or loose you can never know when or how. This is dating done in a more modern way.

Love is like gambling. You should take the risk to be able to see what lies ahead for you. If you are prepared to take the risk, then go, just remember not to push yourself too much.


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