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Online Dating is not new to mankind in general and Society in particular – if history is any validation. To further elaborate – it was way back in the year 1727 that a spinster by the name of Helen Morrison advertised in the local Newspaper for a person – the advertisement appeared in the personal advertisements column. The outcome was the Lunatic Asylum for Helen – that is history – in concept she was undeniably the pioneer of the present day Online Dating concept.


The concept could well look dismal considering that it is about a lone person sitting in front of the computer terminal waiting for true love to come by. The reality is at gross variance considering that it is all about seeking and finding a relationship of a lifetime using Online Dating as the modality.

The reality factor being that Online Dating is fast exploding and is attaining validity which makes is one concept which is here to stay!

Online Dating like any concept is scarcely the most perfect of options and like any other has both advantages and disadvantages – the more discerning of online Dating potentials would need find the optimal mix for results.


• Social interaction would invariably have the dating enthusiast in a not so palatable situation wherein it is at best difficult to decipher the personal attributes and sexual preferences of those under scrutiny. In welcome contrast Online Dating is one concept wherein it is amongst the simplest of tasks to quickly glimpse at a profile and ascertain as to whether the compatibility probability is high or otherwise – be it age, religion, values or beliefs.

• The visual is invariably more powerful than the most impressive of written words and it is here that the photos that invariably accompany the profile help the single correlate the two and come to a more firm of conclusions as to whether the written letters are in alignment with the face

• Society is replete with diverse personalities – with the extroverts making the first move with relative ease while the more introvert of personalities are at best reluctant to revert with appropriate responses. Online dating then is the option of choice for it promises anonymity during the initial phases of building a relationship.

• The options available are advertently superior for this could well translate into a meeting ground for singles of diverse backgrounds and social circles who would under normal circumstances scarcely meet.


• The greatest peril of Online Dating is evidently of hinging on to the wrong kind of people for critical evaluation could well be compromised – the subtle signals that body language communicates more than the spoken word or the written letter. The subtle shifts in body gestures, facial expressions and the likes being all but impossible in the realm of Online Dating

• The limited scope available is disconcerting to some – all the exposure could well be limited to those who spend more time on the Internet than others.


Online Dating then has both aspects to evaluate – the advantages regardless far outweigh the disadvantages making Online Dating the option of choice for most if not all!


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