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Disadvantages of Online Dating

Thousands of people are using the Internet for finding their dates. It is easy to see the reasons of popularity of online dating: easy access to innumerable people available for dating, quickly finding your desirable person by profile match, information about the date's perspective and prospective relationship, and so on. While many online dates have successfully developed marital bond, there are certain disadvantages to online dating. Some of these are described here.

Honesty Attraction Trade Off

One of the biggest disadvantages of online dating is gaining attraction at the expense of truthfulness. When it comes to relationships, honesty counts. But in online dating, many users greatly exaggerate their attributes to attract dates. It is a well-known fact now that physical attraction is the key factor in catching the likeness of a date. While majority of sites have provided for photos of the users, some sites still lack them or even if the photo is provided, it does not show the real user. Hence a bogus impression is conveyed.

Multiple Attempts at a Single Person

We have an ineluctable drawback that stands prominent among the disadvantages of online dating. While you are sharing your personal information with a number of people that seem to interest you, your potential date is also being contacted by dozens of other members and hence there is every chance of the correspondence going on rocks soon as some contact of greater interest shows up. With time, more and more potential dates leave your way and you have to face a fierce competition.


There is a more different sort of problem that adds to the disadvantages of online dating and that is the possibility of relocation. While dating online, you are not confined to the boundaries of your city and even country or continent, so if you seriously choose to have a date somewhere far from you, you may very well be packing your things, selling your house, and making countless arrangements to get to your date. This relocation issue is a headache.

Limited Choice

Admit or not, it is a fact that while the Internet gives a wide range of choice among people from different locations, it does limit your choice in two important ways. First, online dating reserves more of your time online and hence no real dating in your immediate vicinity. Secondly, you are only contacting people who use online dating sites. Many people still do not use the Internet for dating and you really need to go out and see them yourself.  These disadvantages of online dating suggest outgoing as a better means of getting affection.

Psychological Disadvantage

Online dating affects the mind and behavior in some ways. The most serious of these psychological disadvantages of online dating is that the mind becomes addicted to hanging up on flirting. As the dates are shifted quickly and new choices are made by a few clicks, one gets used to transitory interactions and no serious relationships result. Computer mediated communication in case of making relationships is no match for personal interaction face to face.


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